Are You Am I Looking For Love And Acceptance?

Those are the magnets who attract the multitude to heal themselves by the power of their own inner self completely ignoring even My existence.

Then we have the ones who under the same circumstances turn to Me to overcome such pain, but! They never abandon their religious ways nor their understanding of My words and My ways.

Those are the ones stuck in self-righteousness with their finger pointed to them never to themselves. They are the stench in My nostrils.

And of course, there are the numerous ones called to lead My flock. Unfortunately, the majority of them are not following Me, they are following each other.

Those are the ones out there in the world either proselything or casting out demmons or helping the widows and the orphans by their own power of understanding My written words.

Those are the ones in the saddest group of all. At the end? I will have to declare to them their iniquity or their Lawlessness.

My child, you have been a faithful member in each one of those groups in your search for love and acceptance to no avail.

But why I let you on your own for the 80 years of your existence on this earth? My reason is now clear to you.

I AM LOVE. The LOVE you been searching for is now flourishing in your heart more than ever before.

No need for long theorethical explanation to define Me. Your life in My Presence is a testimonial that I AM LOVE above all circumstances of your existence on this world. End of my Master’s words.

O My Master! By 10:36 Pm I Could Not Go Anymore Last Night …

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 1:36 am.

You know it. I crawled in bed. Perhaps I slept until after midnight. I got up feeling somewhat better. I checked the emails. What did I find? Encouragenment. A message from Jeff.