Are You Am I Looking For Love And Acceptance?

When I got up around 2:17 am while recording my reply to Jeff, I was still suffering. My head itched. It came to me to wet my head. I did. It helped. I was able to work until around 5 am.

  • At that time, I became drowsy. I headed for bed. Slept until about 7:15 am.
  • Around 3:30 am I witnessed a strange situation. I heard children playing in the street. Voices. I went out in the roof with no light for me not to be noticed while I checked.
  • Ha! Four children having a grand time. Furniture on the sidewalk. Two adults carrying that furniture in the apartment down in my building. At 3 am? On curfew time?
  • Even more, all around me the curtains in the windows were up. Lights on but no people that I could see in the houses. How strange.
  • It’s now Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 9:18 am.
  • Drowsy again. Heading for bed.
  • As I was getting comfortable, I had a flash of my long hair floating nicely. It had been untangled!

A Prayer Addressed To You My Master …

You command me not to fear but fear I cannot escape when I see the hopelessness around me. When my feet and belly are swollen. When I can’t even eat. When my bladder is overactive. When my hair is matted. When I itch. When I have no one to help me at these critical moments when I am so dizzy, I can’t even walk. When I fear to fall down at each step I take to help myself to the bathroom. How can I not fear something dreadful is wrong with me and around me?

Even so? I REFUSE TO FEAR. I trust; I believe You; I believe in You; I will not despair! You are my Master, my Loving Shepherd. Your banner over me, Your banner over my children, including Ahmad, Your banner over all of my concern, AND? Your banner over Your so loved world is LOVE & PROTECTION. There shall NO EVIL truncate our well-being for one second longer than You allow its attempts to do so.