What Is Love? What Is That Elusive Love Which People So Flipantly Mouth Around …?

That the belt denotes a general bond to the intent that all things may look to one end, is because in the spiritual world the end reigns, insomuch that all things there may be called ends; for the Lord’s kingdom, which is a spiritual world, is a kingdom of uses, and uses there are ends: thus it is a kingdom of ends.

But the ends there follow one another and are also associated together in a varied order; the ends which follow one another being called intermediate ends, but the ends which are associated together being called consociate ends.

All these ends have been so mutually conjoined and subordinated that they look to one end, which is the universal end of them all.

This end is the Lord; and in heaven with those who are receptive, it is love and faith in Him.

Love is there the end of all their wills, and faith is the end of all their thoughts, these being of the understanding.

[2] When each and all things look to one end, they are then kept in an unbroken connection, and make a one; for they are under the view, the government, and the providence of One who bends all to Himself in accordance with the laws of subordination and consociation, and thus conjoins them with Himself; and also at the same time bends them to their companions in a reciprocal manner, and in this way conjoins them with each other.

From this it is that the faces of all in heaven are kept turned to the Lord, who is the Sun there, and is thus the center to which all look; and this, wonderful to say, in whatever direction the angels may turn (AC 3638).

And as the Lord is in the good of mutual love, and in the good of charity toward the neighbor-for He loves all, and through love conjoins all-therefore the angels are also turned to the Lord by regarding their companions from this love.

Ha! What Was The Reason For My Discouragement Last Night? …

No question about it, I had or was tempted to turn my face from You, O my Master. The agonizing itch plus memories that chill my soul throw me downwards.

  • I despair of recording anything. The pounding in my mind related all my writings to be pure imaginings, fantasies of my own.
  • Nothing is coming to pass. It’s of no use for me to continue with my dreams and fantasies.
  • My Wilma. Blisters will burst leaving itching sores on her body—a rare blood decease on a woman to be admired among many women.
  • The memory? Five children, none to move in to take care of her. They will come for a few moments but then they had to go back to take care of their business.
  • Me? I lived across her door. She had been there for me, but at such a crucial time of her life? I failed her. Yes, I will check on her for a few moments, then? Back to my own business.
  • My time has come. Though not as extreme as my Wilma’s condition, my condition brings Wilma’s condition to mind continuosly.
  • The worst to come to mind? My inability to laydown my life for my precious Wilma.
  • Likewise, is happening to me now. Though my children including Ahmad do their best to help and take care of me, not a one has made an effort to laydown their lives for me.
  • Ten years in this wilderness of people deprived of all comforts, kicked, spit on my face, hurting, lonely, and?
  • The last three years? In this forsaken area, isolated, no one to hand me even a glass of water at the most crucial moments of my journey in this valley of death I been traveling on. But!
  • O my Master! You always have been with me. Not for one second have You forsaken me. At the worst moments of despair, You touch me to sleep.
  • You lift me up. You always do. Sleep comes my way. When I wake up You enable me to hear Your words of comfort again. Quote:

“O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart, I let you go on because the truth of the matter your fantasizing is your future reality, but! I reserve the time for all to materialize.