What Is Love? What Is That Elusive Love Which People So Flipantly Mouth Around …?

Now, You are leading me to tell truth not to make my children including Ahmad feel guilty or me ungrateful. No. But!

  • What is the truth about the love my children including Ahmad claim to have for me?
  • My children have always been there for me until? O my Master! until the day You called and gave me the power to follow You.
  • That day You warned me my children, my peers, and all I considered to be my allies were turn against me, even kill me.
  • But I, as close I was to my children thought for sure they were to be the exception. What a fallacy.
  • Since that day, my credentials in 1 Corinthians 1:10-31 have been established 100%.
  • Talking about the furnace of affliction, the bread of adversity, pain, sorrow, and tears?

Coming To This Thing About Human Love …

The human loves for the most when is convenient, but! To laid down our lives for the sake of love for our neighbor?

Totally Impossible Unless It Is Supernaturally Done. So? …

Here I am today, distraught. It’s hot and not the luxury of airconditioner. My body in bad shape. I can hardly walk. I am not hungry. Whatever I eat makes nausetous.

  • My apartment? Still a mess.
  • I am only 80 years old, but I am at the point of needed help, and?
  • That’s what I was distressed about! No help.
  • Yes! I am given food, money, lots of ‘I love you’- ‘I’m sorry’- and a few hours of help as can be spared, but!
  • Anymore that can be spared?
  • O com’ on now, I’m being unreasonable.

You Know What? O My Master! How You Get Me Out Of My Distress …

It’s now Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 11:31 pm. I can’t go no more. I am heading for bed. So I did with the thought of being unreasonable in my mind.

Ha! Unreasonable? The Truth To Set Me Free From The Moment’s Misery …?

Friday, May 22, 2020 at 5:05 am.