Enlightenment! WHO Is LOVE? What Is Love? …

What more could I ever want for. Truly? In my heart and mind I want for nothing, but! I am still human. The human’s behavior still affects my physical conditions. Even so?

  • There is no need to expect for myself to behave in the way to make me look good.
  • No need to pretend I understand when I don’t.
  • No need for anger, but!
  • There is much need to let people know how they are affecting my living conditions.

And Here Is The Reason To Abandon Our Wills And Thoughts …

Wow! What a revelation! What a way to cement Your peace, tranquility, joy, and strenght within my being. What happen yesterday?

  • Early in the morning yesterday I let Ahmad know I had run out of gas. I needed for him to come over to connect the tank from the heater to the stove.
  • Ha! He told me he could not come because his brother needed him. He promised to come when he finished with his brother.
  • I did not understand his response, but it came to me to fast, so I didn’t fret about it.
  • In fact, I spend my day in Your Presence as my body was reacting to the fast, but!
  • I kept hoping for Ahmad to show up. I definitely thought he had understood my predicament.
  • You know my Master, how it came to me that perhaps his brother was in trouble at the hospital thus Ahmad could not call me.
  • I lifted my voice to You to bless them. And I hoped for the best.
  • All this time my drinking water is running out, but no worry.
  • I know You are in control of it all.
  • Ahmad did not come or call until a few minutes ago
  • Me? Thankful for Your Presence and sleep, on waking up this last time I laid there feeling so much better when the phone rang at last.
  • My word! Ahmad did not understand me at all. He thought all I wanted was a tank of gas. He has been looking for gas to no avail. He has been looking for my bathroom repairs.
  • What? I began to tell him off but his phone cut me and did not have the chance to tell him I have no drinking water. Evidently the battery went out.
  • I called his house, but I had no answer.
  • Guess what? My human reaction? No different than before, but!

Lo And Behold! Your Wisdom Prevailed! …

Immediately, Your peace, tranquility, joy, and strenght within my being overcame my temporal human reaction.

Complete Rest. My Trust Is Set On You Period …

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 4:19 pm.