The Root For The Colossal Chaos Confusion Corruption In This So Loved World? Anger! Unconditional Love! …

Master? It is coming to me to quote the three chapters of Your written words that confirm the headlines in this post.

  • It all is not about religion or any notion or idea or belief from any human being.

It Is All About Your Plan Of Restoration …

Your Plan Of Restoration To The Original Intent For Our Creation. You created us to be loved to love in return. Loved to love

In Your Mind And Heart? The Family—The Perfect Family Created In Your Image …

Indeed! You created us in Your image to be like You, but not You. You remained the supreme authority over all in existence.

The Family In Your Mind All The Time …

It is the expression of your passionate love for your creation. But Your children wander on this world looking for love in all the wrong places. Why, my Master?

Refreshing Of Your Words …

Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 12:32 pm.

“Pause. Reflect. O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? Pause. Reflect now more than ever before.

What happened then to you and your family is exactly what is happening now with most all families of My beloved children.

Yes! They are My children.

Yes! I have gifted them their deliverance, but!

The change of lifestyle is not automatic.

It does not depend on quitting your bad habits.

It is not an emotional superficial experience in man’s nature.

My Set-Apart Spirit does not come prior to the baptism of fire.

This baptism does not come by the will of man and on the understanding of man’s concept of My Spirit and My time.

This baptism of fire takes a lifetime to develop as per My unfathomable wisdom.

Therefore? I have set numerous examples in My written words on how this process is developed in the life of My ancient servants.