The Root For The Colossal Chaos Confusion Corruption In This So Loved World? Anger! Unconditional Love! …

At the present time I have set you and several others as an example of the fire you had to endure before I could grant you the power to repent and turn around to the lifestyle you are now living in My Presence.

That’s what this ending year of 2019 was all about in your life.

In the year of 2019, I summarized your entire life of suffering and misery because of your sinful lifestyle.

Why was your lifestyle sinful when in fact you devoted your life to worship Me?

Your lifestyle was sinful for the exact reason that My children are now living a sinful worldly life while they devote themselves to worship Me, but!

My children are not aware that I have turned My face away from them.

Exactly as I turned My face away from you for the twelve years you went back to church against My instructions to you in 1986.

Those twelve years you were admired as a good the Christian woman. You claimed and wrote and shared My written words but! I was no longer inspiring those words to you.

For twelve years you enjoyed the best this world had to offer you—your children support and loving care; your friends, brothers and sisters support and loving care as well.

Even so? You were dying not only physically but mainly spiritually.

Somehow you knew it to be so. You prayed and fasted. You did all kinds of things to help yourself, but! I could not answer you until the allotted time to do so.

The Allotted Time Came. I Turned The Fire On …

The flames of purification burned up to 2019, and today?

It’s finished! It’s now time for the Completion and Manifestation of My promised abundance to you.

Even so? Again, the Completion and Manifestation of My promised abundance to you is not automatic the way you figure it to be, but! It is certain.