Human Wisdom Against Our Creator’s Unfathomable Wisdom And Passionate Love For Us Human Beings …

The Perils Of Human Wisdom …

Meet Me At 81 …

Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 1:34 am.

No kidding! At this stage of my age I come to the one realization to settle my mind on the issue of human wisdom against our Creator’s unfathomable wisdom. REALITY:

We are all humans—members of the human race. No matter the color or nationality or pedigree, king or pauper, rich or poor, highly intelligent or a perfect witless rogue, black, white, red, or in between we are all HUMANS!

  • No matter the insults or the praises, whether we are up the scale of success or down at the bottom of failure, leaders or followers, we are all HUMANS!

Hoopie! What’s The Big Deal About Such Realization? …

Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 2:16 am.

Man, O Man! It will take me pages to express the crucial importance of this realization. The thing about it is that for the most we do not realize this matter about us.

  • Honestly, the way most of us act and live is as if we are the only humans. The rest? They are animals or? Maybe saints, great philosophers or ‘ers’ of many kinds, but!
  • To put us all in the same human basket? Ah! Oh! Ooh! That is not wise. Not humanly wise.
  • Don’t insult my intelligence! I am not a savage! Don’t compare me with that black animal!
  • Don’t compare me to that arrogant Muslim or corrupt Christisn or evil Jew. I am not like that. I am different. I am OK. I am number 1 in the whole country! I AM! I am LOVE! I am this. I am that!
  • Hahaha! Albert Einstein quote? “Two things are infinite: the Universe and Human Stupidity; and I’m not sure about th’Universe! “
  • That is so true! But O my Master how You got me to realize such matters?

Such Are The Perils Of Human Wisdom. Even So?

Though You warn us of the perils of human wisdom You give us a choice.

  • And here comes the touchy part of this information that I must post for the benefit of this so loved world.

What Is ‘Touchy’ About These Posts? …

I quote the Scriptures or written words from the Bible, and? The Bible is considered to be a religious book.

  • Even so? The Bible is not a religious book as it is generally conceived because some religions are based on the Bible.
  • In the long run, journaling my daily life since 1985-1987 has enlightened the matter to me and?
  • It is my hope that reading my journal published in these posts may enlighten the reader as well.

A Loving Invitation From The Passionate Lover Of Our Creation …

O the wonders of Your passionate love for us. Every day, every moment in the day You open my eyes to see such passion. It is clearly expressed in Isaiah 55. Quote: