Human Wisdom Against Our Creator’s Unfathomable Wisdom And Passionate Love For Us Human Beings …

Wow! A clean renewed mind by your power my Master not by my own power. By my power I was suppressing the truth and reality of the situation between Ahmad and I, but!

  • By Your power I was able to express instead of supress the truth. Yes, I blowup the whole churning messy truth instead of being nice and understanding of Ahmad’s predicament created by himself.
  • The results? Nothing to compare with the human’s ways to be polite and understanding in the face of all human’s injustices.
  • From that moment on You opened my eyes to see the futility of being nice and understanding or tolerant of the human’s conniving and deceitful ways.
  • That included my own conniving and deceitful ways.
  • Indeed! Be kind and understanding in the face of Ahmad’s wrong doings to make him happy and maybe I can get him to help me.
  • Everything in my doings with the ulterior motive to get my way.
  • Anyhow? I had no intentions to speak up. I kept hurting and churning all the evil in my mind until You my Master sent the burning coal and touched my lips to burn it all away.
  • From there on You gave me the power to arrange this apartment in a livable condition while I wait for Ahmad to resume with the repairs if he ever so please to do.
  • I no longer want to do anything with ulterior motives.
  • In due time You will reach Ahmad’s heart and open his ears to hear and listen to You to bid Your will and be healed regardless my ulterior motives.
  • Yes, on Wednesday I did the impossible without physical strain. And it felt good to be able to set Ahmad at ease when he called after the blow up of the day before.
  • But! It backfired on me. Ahmad was thankful with my sharing but it did not reach him at all.
  • His call was only to inquire whether I had Internet or not. Much concern with the Internet issue.
  • Next thing? His heroics. He walked in pain for two hours to the Internet Office.
  • They told him the Internet was to connect yesterday but it did not. He talked to his son to look into the issue.
  • His son called and promised to come and fix the problem last night, but he did not show up.
  • After 11 pm it came to me to work on the problem myself.
  • It took several hours before I gave up my trying to work with my own wits to solve the problem.
  • When I gave up my trying, You my Master came through and showed me to open a new Google account. I did. Turn on the Internet. Wow! All perfect! And fast!
  • A miracle? Yes indeed! In awe all I could say was, You are an amazing Yah and went to sleep.

I Woke Up A Few Hours Later Free Of Pain. Ready For A New Day …

Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 4:01 pm.