Blessings Of Immeasurable And Infinite Value To Last For Eternity …

What Is To Happen Is Really, Really Happening NOW! …


  • Food For Thought—The Man Is Incomplete Without The Woman …
  • The Woman Was Made From The Flesh And Bones Of The Man.
  • Thus, the woman is the soul of man.
  • Should men and women consider this matter?
  • O well! what do I know!

What An Enlightenment On My 81st Birthday …

But that is not what this post is all about. Even so? This post is an indication of our Creator’s passionate love for His creation and His doings to restore it.

  • The Fiery Wrath To Destroy The Corruption Engulfing All Creation
  • The Creator’s Passionate Love To Restore His Creation

Well? My Birthday Is Here. What’s The Big Deal About It? …

Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 3:13 am.

O my Master! It has been 81 years since that 3 am of the 14th day of June 1939 when my father recorded my birth.

  • My birth was recorded in Spanish by hand in the books of The Registrar in that mini town of Los Amates, Depto. Izabal, Guatemala C.A. Quote:

“Nombre Basilia Licona nacida en Los Amates, Departamento de Izabal, el 14 de Junio de 1939 a las 3 de la manana. Nombre del padre Miguel J. Licona. Nombre de la madre, M. Teresa Zarceno. Registrada en el libro 28, folio 275.”

  • Guess what? I had a copy of the original but! I lost it. Pity. For it was such a neat copy on a 3×4 tattered card. I ordered a second copy but that came in a regular legal paper.
  • Somehow, I lost that copy as well. I went ahead and tried to get a 3rd copy.
  • Shock! When the clerk went to retrieve the record, all those records had turned into dust!
  • No record of my renown birth. I don’t exist in this world anymore! Hahaha! HalleluYah! My citizenship is above. Quote:

Philippians 3:20 AMPC+