Civilization’s Steed Bolts Us Down. Israel Sits Alone Like A Flagpole On The Top Of A Mountain …

While In The South The Americans Still Sucking Crawfish Heads and in Jordan? Loads Of Pita Bread …

The Graphics Outline The Post …

thiaBasilia’s Crest …


Why thiaBasilia’s Crest?

It is meant to declare to all your belonging in My Royalty—the Highest Royalty of all Royalties.

For the moment you are suffering as a pauper. I hear your concerns about such suffering. I am aware of your doubts and fears.

Even so? I delight in your nearness not only in My heart but most important in the truth and reality of your resurrected life.

Why is such life not now manifested? That is the reason for My delight when I see your determination to trust Me for such blissful future despite not having the slightest sign of such coming to pass.

O but that all My children open their eyes to see what My intent be for your suffering.

Your suffering? My discipline to lift you up to be what you were meant to be.

Onward, My precious thiaBasilia. Live up to the meaning of your combined name meaning you belong in My Royalty.

Soon, sooner than expected I will demonstrate to all what a queen in My Royalty looks like.

I will demonstrate the humble dignified state of a queen in My Royalty.

History Repeats Itself, But! O My Master? You Are Gracious …

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 7:20 am.

YES! The sight is overwhelming to say the least if not ridiculous. I for one have gone through the ups and downs of looking all around.

Even So? O My Master! The Impact Of Your Wham? Open My Eyes Big Time …

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 4:15 pm.

I see the horror coming but few do. The Americans are not yet running scare at all. Actually, they are dusting themseves, preparing to remount their steeds.

The Exactitude Of Your Written Words Is Taking Place, And?

It looks like Your people remain oblivious to such fact. Nevertheless, Isaiah 30 is now in full play. No matter how it looks, You are now lifting Yourself up. Your timing.

  • Mercy and loving-kindness to us You plan to show. Quote:

Isaiah 30 8 33