Civilization’s Steed Bolts Us Down. Israel Sits Alone Like A Flagpole On The Top Of A Mountain …

O my Master! I never saw what You are showing me about myself right now. I never saw myself as having a knack for business and material accumulation.

Wow! What Awakening From The Nightmare Of Losing Such A Knack, But! …

You had to put me through Your processing machine before You would confirm and uphold such a knack.

I Am Blown Away With This Processing Machine Of Yours …?

Even so? My heart wants to sing every song of praises unto Your mightiness! No kidding! This is BIG! Mighty BIG! What on earth am I rambling on?

Not Rambling As Roaming; Wandering. Stating Rambling As Lengthy And Digressive …

Talking about lengthy? O mine! That it is. But how encouraging! It is also quite digressive. That is talking about my talks, my writings.

Again, I Am Not Rambling. I Am Stating Your Mighty Work Of Processing For 35 Years …

Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 2:42 pm.

Flowing with Your Spirit in the numbers. I just noticed the three 20 in the date. One more amazing revelation.

First amazing revelation? The meaning of number 35.

  • A knack for business and material accumulation is the prominent resonance of the number 35.
  • It’s also creative, especially in relation to expressing itself — and insists on the freedom to do so.
  • 35’s interests are predominantly temporal, concerned with material values and with building significant works — examples are systems with long-term social benefit; solid, architecturally-pleasing buildings; roads; and political effectiveness.
  • The numerology essence of the number 35 generally is comfortable interacting with others, personally and socially.

Second one? The meaning of number 20.

  • The number 20 is a team worker and effective diplomat with a comprehensive point of view.
  • 20 is primarily focused on relationships. It understands the dynamics of relationships better than the essence represented by any other number.
  • The essence of 20 is so much a part of the team it rarely considers the idea of operating by itself. In fact, it shys from situations that would result in it being alone for an extended period of time, even if it would benefit itself.
  • As an overview, the numerology number 20 represents a composition containing the ideas of:
  • Relationships
  • Teamwork
  • Companionship
  • Coexistence
  • Diplomacy
  • The Basic or Core Essence of 20
  • The deep down basic essence of the numerology number 20 is a holistic understanding of relationships and an inclination to use the understanding to benefit the team.
  • For the 20 essence to express itself fully, it must exist with at least one other, as a team. If it finds itself alone, it becomes highly sensitized to the vibrations of relationships to help it locate teams it may want to become a member of.
  • Although it won’t accept membership in just any team, not being alone is very important to 20. It can handle itself alone, it’s not lost or anxious, but it can’t realize itself fully while existing separate from a team.
  • The team may consist of itself and a romantic interest or special companion, or the team may consist of itself and a group of others.
  • When a full member of a team, 20 can be a glue that holds it together. Its deep intuitive understanding of relationships and interpersonal dynamics are the foundation for 20’s highly effective diplomacy and negotiations.
  • Imagine being a member of a team with your skills maintaining smooth, comfortable, understanding, and stress-free interaction among members. You solve any friction quickly and effectively to the full satisfaction of all affected parties.
  • That’s 20.
  • Also, The number ‘twenty’ appears quite often in the scriptures. It seems to speak of redemption, for it was the 20th year of the sons of Israel, that they were redeemed with half a shekel of silver.

What Is Happening, My Master? …

Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 4:58 pm.