Civilization’s Steed Bolts Us Down. Israel Sits Alone Like A Flagpole On The Top Of A Mountain …

Look around you, Habakkuk, among the nations and see! And be astonished! Astounded! For I am putting into effect a work in your days such that you would not believe it if it were told you replied the Master.

For behold, I am rousing up the Chaldeans, that bitter and impetuous nation who march through the breadth of the earth to take possession of dwelling places that do not belong to them.

So? You Have Convicted And Acquitted Me, And? …

Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 5:00 am.

Exactly at 5:00 am You are quickening me as You did with Your ancient prophet. The meaning of the date?

  • Grace and Preparation=5
  • Zero is both closed and wide open. It means comprehensiveness, openness, wholeness, and infinity. It’s an all-inclusive number.

What Are You Telling Me, My Master? …

“O My precious thiaBasilia, My message is all inclusive like the number Zero. It includes Grace and Preparation not only to survive the days ahead but mainly to overcome those days

Now? You must continue with the parallel between My ancient prophet and yourself because it applies to the moment of time on this so loved world of Mine.

My child, I know of your lurking fears as you quote the words I compel you to quote because some of your relatives are alcohol merchants, and?

Some of your children have declared themselves homoxecsuals or openly living immoral lives among a tolerant society.

But your worst concern is with the wave of New Age beliefs engulfing My so loved world including your own child

Fear not! Continue to quote the Scriptures despite your own misgivings.

For I am in control of it all! Despite all the doings of My rebellious children, I will restore them for the sake of My name. I will not give My honor to another. Remember Isaiah 48.