Anger Is Not Becoming To Our Idea Of What Is Good Or Bad …

HEAR THE word of the Master, you children of Israel, for the Master has a controversy (a pleading contention) with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no faithfulness, love, pity and mercy, or knowledge of Almighty Yahuwah from personal experience with Him in the land.

There is nothing but false swearing and breaking faith and killing and stealing and committing adultery; they break out into violence, one deed of bloodshed following close on another.

Therefore shall the land continually mourn, and all who dwell in it shall languish, together with the wild beasts of the open country and the birds of the heavens; yes, the fishes of the sea also shall perish because of the drought be collected and taken away.

Yet let no man strive, neither let any man reprove another—do not waste your time in mutual recriminations, for with you is My contention, O priest.

And you shall stumble in the daytime, and the false prophet also shall stumble with you in the night; and I will destroy your mother the priestly nation. [Exo_19:6]

  • My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you the priestly nation have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you that you shall be no priest to Me; seeing you have forgotten the law of your Almighty Creator, I will also forget your children.

The more they increased and multiplied in prosperity and power, the more they sinned against Me; I will change their glory into shame.

They feed on the sin of My people and set their heart on their iniquity.

And it shall be: Like people, like priest; I will punish them for their ways and repay them for their doings. End of quote.

Points To Ponder On …

  • God’s unearned gift of grace is given to prepare us for our ultimate glorification.
  • This process of glorification happens from Your point of view in FIVE steps.
  1. For whom He did FOREKNOW,
  2. He also did PREDESTINATE, and whom he did predestinate,
  3. them He also CALLED; and whom He called,
  4. them He also JUSTIFIED, and whom He justified,
  5. them He also GLORIFIED (Romans 8:29-31).

So? Here I Am. Justified. Glorified On 2021 …

No kidding! This is not a general statement thrown flippantly to impress. The truth? This is Your work, O my Master! Your work within my being since 1985.

One Cycle End. The Last Cycle Begins in 2021.

  • Head for bed on Friday, February 26, 2021 at 8:00 pm. Perhaps You bless me with sleep until the end of this day the beginning of another 7th day of rest.
  • Up and about at 10:55 pm still on Friday, February 26, 2021.
  • Ten and 2 fives? What a combination!
  • This combination of numbers came up before as You brought it back to me while I was looking for the meaning of number ten.
  • I shall bulleted the quote for better absorption of the number ten meaning.


The Number Ten – Law, Testing, and Representation.

  • It is globally agreed that countdowns begin at ten.
  • Whether it be a new year dawning or the launch of the space shuttle, the crowd gets real loud when the count gets to ten.
  • Could it be that the number ’10’ is when things get serious?
  • When reality begins to sink in?
  • When the number ten is reached it seems as if the realization that whatever is about to happen is now going to REALLY, REALLY happen.
  • And the number Five?

The Number Five – Grace and Preparation

  • The number five is generally agreed to be one of a handful of numbers similar to the church at Philadelphia.
  • No bad things to say about it.
  • Every source I have concerning this number associates the idea of the Father’s grace and life to it.
  • The 5th word of scripture is shamayim, or heaven.
  • There are not many bad things to say about heaven, and there is probably a lot of grace and life there.
  • The 5th day of restoration of the creation is the first appearance of life.

And This Day Is The Day For A New Computer System, Meaning? …

Meaning the beginning of what is to happen is to begin to really, really happen. Things are to get seriously dangerous for the Powers To Be now as my Diana predicted while getting things together to get me a new computer system.

From my Diana, quote:

We will get you a new system and you will be dangerous!  Just be patient.

  • Indeed! A new system she managed to talk her siblings into get it for me.
  • A fantastic top of the arc HP computer system.
  • Amazing! What a blessing!
  • I am speechless. Even so?

The Human Mind Churning Spitting Out An Avalanche Of Thoughts …

Monday, October 05, 2020 at 1:03 am. Master? A new computer system. Such is the way You have developed the saga of my life. Oh but how You are developing these matters. And that just at the point when I was ready to terminate my miserable existence.

  • Yes, I was so desperate I became suicidal.
  • I wanted to jump from my roof to the ground but!
  • You opened my eyes to see the aftermath of my haste.
  • No I would not have die.
  • Instead? I would provoke the people to gawk the scene.
  • The police would have come and haul me to the Looney Toomey house!
  • Oh well! No jumping!
  • Just on You dumping!
  • Dumping all that rubbish attempting to suffocate me.

But Why Was I Ready To Jump? …

Monday, October 05, 2020 at 4:33 am. Discovering that Ahmad have discarded the words You have given to me for the restoration of this area was more than I could take.

  • Instead, he was looking to move his family and myself to the upper-class area. What?
  • Ahmad is Royalty. Direct descendant from Ephraim the chosen grandson of Israel destined to deliver the chosen people as Joseph delivered the chosen people from Egypt. So it is written in Genesis 48:9-22.
  • And he looking to move us to an area where he would be considered as an intruder Palestinian?
  • It hit me like a ton of bricks!

O But How You Continue To Amaze Me! …

Midnight! The 7th Day of rest is here again just in the nick of time! Time for me to get back to continue with the format of the book You have in mind. It is now Saturday, February 27, 2021 at 12:05 am.

Ha! The Precious Numbers Keep Popping Up With Your Encouraging Message For Me To Go On And On …

The hour and minutes above? The Number Twelve – Governing Order and Rulership is to be set not only within but for all practical purposes of my daily affairs as well.

My profile. Who am I? Past. Present. 1. Past. A woman with a dysfunctional past big time. No matter what I did or not did? I could not function in the society of mankind. 2. Present. A functional woman—a human being under the care & protection of the Almighty Father/Creator of our beings. 3. In the past? A defeated woman saddled not only with the Dysfunctional label but also with the Bipolar, Manic Depressive & Schizophrenic labels. 4. In the present? An overcoming woman by The Power Of Love From On High up above the sky! 5. By The Power Of Love From On High up above the sky? I have overcome not only the Dysfunctional label but also all the labels this world saddles on all unsuspecting human beings. I am now an inspirational writer. I write to give witness or evidence of the Mighty Presence of our Father/ my heart & in my practical life. Whatever for? What would my witness do for you? Woa! You got me there! But, right before Yahushua was caught up in the clouds to go to the right hand of the Father, Yahushua said, Acts 1:6-8 It is not for you to become acquainted with and know what time brings [the things and events of time and their definite periods] or fixed years and seasons (their critical niche in time), which the Father has appointed (fixed and reserved) by His own choice and authority and personal power. But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Set-Apart Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My Witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends (the very bounds) of the earth. … In view of the above Scriptures the writer records the journal of her daily living to give an account—to witness of the work that the Almighty Creator of our beings has done and continues to do in her life. I am a witness of the Almighty Creator of our beings in my heart & soul and in my practical daily existence! This is not a bogus claim but a reality in the life of the Author/Publisher of one of these books or SITES that you are now viewing! Thanks for your kind attention!
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