Story About A Mother In A Dysfunctional Family–True Story

Introduction To The Story About A Mother In A Dysfunctional Family.

  • Theme: Man against man – Man against himself – Man against his environment.
  • Conflict: A mother experiences the three main conflicts in the society of mankind from her birth until her senior years resulting in her role as A Mother In A Dysfunctional Family
  • Resolution: This mother is empowered from on high to give up her lower human life existence and grab on to the higher life in the realm of the supernatural.

The mother experiences Man against man in her biological father’s environment. Lacking the nurturing of mother & father the mother experiences the conflict of Man against himself at a very young age. No one was able to understand her inner conflict with mankind and so there began her conflict with Man against his environment.

And this mother experiences the conflict of man against man big time for she was labeled as a bastard from her birth; yet for a time this mother experiences the security & protection of the unique environment provided by her father but she also experiences the conflict of man against man big time because she was only born by the will of a self-made unique giant in his own domain with his own laws over the public laws so legal marriage was not one of his laws. He was a man against the rest of mankind.

After many years of gruesome distress this mother is placed in a more suitable environment to continue her education but then she experiences the death of her giant father and she is left without any foundation of father or mother at the young age of seventeen. And the conflict of Man against himself begins for this mother who begins to question her existence from that young age.

Finally, to conclude the Almighty is now using her life for example to all of the work only He can perform in the life of any soul willing to give Him control of his/her lives. Her journal is published in the SITE: and also in the new WP site: should anyone care to visit either SITE.

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