Welcome To My Life–Autobiography

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This is the compelling story of a woman? Yours truly. She emerged from a life of trouble and defeat to a life of triumph and victory and who lives in joyful testimony of what our Father/Creator can do with a surrendered soul. This book will touch you in the deepest part of your being.

Encouraging Words from one of Thia’s former Pastors

While reading this manuscript I became impressed that it
contains a message that can be used of the Lord to give the
child of God insight into their own spiritual journey. In this
volume is to be found the ups and downs of the author’s own
pilgrimage through a life that has taken many turns.

Everyone of us, who are on our own spiritual journey, know
that life is filled with many pitfalls that at times may cause us
to be side-tracked and even to at times fall. Yet, in the
adventure of this author’s life, one can see the grace, mercy
and love of our Father God for one of His own. We are
reminded in these writings of just how faithful He is to see us
through the darkness of hell that may come against us, and
bring us to the marvelous light of His love.

I commend this book to all who may find strength for the
journey from the insights here given.

May it all bring honor, glory, and praise to our Lord.

Homer G. McKeithan, Jr. Pastor Preface

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