SHOCKING! TV S.A. — Satan’s Altar?

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Reason why you should read this book?

I see Your people absorbed in practices that alleviate their pain & sorrow for the moment, giving them a false sense of love & peace & joyful acceptance & courage plus the idea that the life on this earth is beautiful!
Thus the surge of all the false doctrines prophesied from the ancient Scriptures to the beginnings of the Messianic era of Your people’s existence. Every single day I get the shock of my life as I observe the doings of Your people.
The New Age, Yoga, Meditation, Existentialism, Positive Thinking, Karate and what have you are now household words in the lips of Your people!
And You, my Father? Where are You? Ah! In the minds of Your people they believe that all of that is YOU! Exactly? Your people believes that all such things represent Your manifestation to them!
Of course? Your people have become scoffers because they have strayed from You and Your discipline to a God of pleasure.
Mention of judgement & discipline to Your people at the present time? They shut their ears and run as fast as they can from anyone mentioning such preposterous thing to them.
And the Scriptures are coming to pass as those are written, first we have the self-centered lovers of money; then comes the followers of whatever feels & looks good to them!
Therefore? Our Father/Creator is now sending His witness likened to yours truly to give an account of the work He is performing in our hearts to empower us to repent.
Repentance is the only way to a better life. To life eternal. Such fact should give an answer to the question ‘Why you should read this book? His judgement at the present time? Not the final judgement at all. At the present time? His judgement is to empower us to repent and avoid the final judgement.

The Monster In The Hold Of The Mind & Heart Of The Great Majority Of The Children Of The Almighty Creator Of Our Beings…

Here We Go! Fulfilling My Passion Without Selling My Soul.

Thia’s Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. ….
Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 11:04 pm
O my Father? Thanks for reminding me to insert this entry before the end of this 2nd day of April of 2016.
This was another 7th Day of rest for me? Resting on You. You know the multitude of thoughts that ran through my mind today.
Even so? I bravely dismissed them all and opted for a good singing session. Thanks for the privacy of my new home.
I can sing to my heart content and none the wiser but? You my Father! I know You are the One requesting my singing session! Hahaha! HalleluYah!
Now for the new twist in the blog creation. I will slide the books for a free download first thing in
On to the task. The books shall slide in the midst of the flames of my passion for Your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven! Hahaha! HalleluYah!
Introduction of SHOCKING! TV S.A. Satan’s Altar?
Father spoke words to me in reference to the TV S.A. industry in May of 2012. At the present moment Father is leading me to refresh those words. Why? It is necessary to do so to effect the deprogramming produced by the TV industry in the minds of all human beings.
Do not depend on your mind as you read these lines! Only the spirit’s mind? Gives meaning & power to these writings to reach your heart & mind!
From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!
These lines were recorded right before my trip to the USA in June of 2012.
As the Spirit of our Father leads me to check past writings? The accuracy and timing of such reminders is astonishing! Quote,

Friday, May 25, 2012 (12:43 am)
Unto You I offer my midnight prayer of thanksgiving! You are my Shepherd—my Maker—my Supplier—my Master—my Owner, You have bought me with Your blood and all Your promises for me are sound! So I will not want for anything of eternal value. You have instructed me to go to the USA for now and I am gladly making all the arrangements to get there but You know of all the obstacles in my way! What to do my Master?
You know how discouraged I am even when You speak encouraging words to me. So I am asking You to give me a sign of Your favor and on this day intervene and deliver Ahmad from the grip of the monster in possession of his mind! And if I had done wrong in my part I ask You for the power to see my wrong and the strength & ability to repent and make amends! Nothing is impossible unto You! I cast all my cares unto You and I wait expectantly on You! In the silence of this moment I worship You!
I see the reality of the monster in the hold of the great majority of Your children and I hear Your instructions to describe this monster to Your children. As You bid I will do
The Monster In The Hold Of The Mind & Heart Of The Great Majority Of Your Children is not a joke nor a cartoon as this monster has programmed all human beings to believe by the most powerful means available from ancient times to the present time! Because all humans are now programmed this monster is in control of this world for the moment! So, why is this so and how are Your children to be deprogrammed my Master?
“By means of education, My child! That’s why My command in Matthew 28:19-20 to Go then and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of their Set-Apart Spirit, teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you, and behold, I am with you all the days (perpetually, uniformly, and on every occasion), to the very close and consummation of the age. Amen (so let it be).
“Yet My child, all My words and My instructions & commandments taught and given to My followers at that time have been corrupted by the human mind & heart even in My most selected children! That’s why it’s written, ‘If anyone says to you then, Behold, here is the Messiah! or, There He is!–do not believe it. For false Messiahs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect—of the Almighty Creator of your beings or His chosen ones.’
“Why even My elect could be deceived? Because My child I have set blinds on the eyes of My children and I have confused their languages to keep them from ascending up high to dethrone Me! And I have done this because I and My Son alone shall forever be the Sovereign Authority in the Universe for eternity! No one is to usurp our Thrones!
And I have the supreme authority to set the times and the dates for everything to happen at the exact time of My judgment! But even my most elected ones are mistakenly using their mind and heart power to study and practice My words and teaching others to do the same while My Set-Apart Spirit is quenched and hindered within most of them! Yet the time has come and is here for Me to remove the blinds from their eyes and enlighten their understanding in order to turn them around into total submission of their beings unto My Being!
“And I will accomplish My purpose for My children’s destiny! And My will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven even when all My doings to accomplish My purpose in the lives of all of My children does not meet with the approval of mankind!
Also My child I know it disturbs you to read all the instructions from My servant Paul and how all these instructions have wound up into the basis for a religion out of the bounds of My will and desire for My children. Nonetheless My child you are not wrong for proclaiming this matter to My children and it delights My Being to see Your obedience even when proclaiming the Truth to My children has cost you your life of ease and agreement among them!
“Furthermore The Monster In The Hold Of The Mind & Heart Of The Great Majority Of My children has multiple faces. Some of these faces as the face of pride & arrogance and the face of jealousy & envy and the face of greed & deceit are easily discerned at first glance. But the beautiful faces of this monster hardly anybody is able to discern! What’s wrong with being good or well behaved? What’s wrong with being faithful to one’s church or religion? All My children ask in bewilderment!
“Now I will give all the plain and simple answer: ALL this goodness and faithfulness are MISPLACED! Because all of it has it roots in the carnal mind & will of mankind including the carnal mind & will of My children! It all results in ‘Self-Righteousness’—a veritable stench into My nostrils!
“And the whole multitude of doctrines and rhetoric to cast out demons to deliver the ones possessed by this multi-face monster is futile! Absolutely worthless because the monster is in control of most everybody’s human mind & heart and Satan cannot cast out Satan!
“Yes I know that My children are appalled for this fact to be revealed to them but it is necessary that they reconsider everything in their midst—including doctrines & lifestyles no matter how righteous their life styles are!
“The fact is My child that The Monster In The Hold Of The Mind & Heart Of The Great Majority Of My children can only be defeated by EDUCATION! That was the purpose of Yahushua’s walk with the twelve for that period of time. For it takes time to educate and deprogrammed anyone! After the deprogramming My children become submissive to My Being and I am able to empower them to live above their natural and temporal lives even while they are on this earth in like manner as I have empower you and all of those I have chosen for examples to My children!
“Now I am sending you to immerse all in this information to fulfill the commandment right before Yahushua ascended back to Me! That’s the meaning of the written Scriptures,
Acts 1:7-8
He said to them, It is not for you to become acquainted with and know what time brings—the things and events of time and their definite periods or fixed years and seasons (their critical niche in time), which the Father has appointed (fixed and reserved) by His own choice and authority and personal power. But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Set-Apart Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends (the very bounds) of the earth.

From His Presence let my voice resound in the waves of the Internet and in the books and blogs by yours truly from one end of the earth to the other, reaching the hearts & minds of my Father’s beloved children! thia/Basilia—Webmaster/Author/Publisher
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

My profile. Who am I? Past. Present. 1. Past. A woman with a dysfunctional past big time. No matter what I did or not did? I could not function in the society of mankind. 2. Present. A functional woman—a human being under the care & protection of the Almighty Father/Creator of our beings. 3. In the past? A defeated woman saddled not only with the Dysfunctional label but also with the Bipolar, Manic Depressive & Schizophrenic labels. 4. In the present? An overcoming woman by The Power Of Love From On High up above the sky! 5. By The Power Of Love From On High up above the sky? I have overcome not only the Dysfunctional label but also all the labels this world saddles on all unsuspecting human beings. I am now an inspirational writer. I write to give witness or evidence of the Mighty Presence of our Father/ my heart & in my practical life. Whatever for? What would my witness do for you? Woa! You got me there! But, right before Yahushua was caught up in the clouds to go to the right hand of the Father, Yahushua said, Acts 1:6-8 It is not for you to become acquainted with and know what time brings [the things and events of time and their definite periods] or fixed years and seasons (their critical niche in time), which the Father has appointed (fixed and reserved) by His own choice and authority and personal power. But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Set-Apart Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My Witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends (the very bounds) of the earth. … In view of the above Scriptures the writer records the journal of her daily living to give an account—to witness of the work that the Almighty Creator of our beings has done and continues to do in her life. I am a witness of the Almighty Creator of our beings in my heart & soul and in my practical daily existence! This is not a bogus claim but a reality in the life of the Author/Publisher of one of these books or SITES that you are now viewing! Thanks for your kind attention!

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