Dumbfound? To Say The Least As I Hear Again The Words From My Father’s Mouth. Wow! Wow! Wow!

I just woke up! A couple of hours ago, my body was not cooperating with me at all! I called upon You and, You have answered me just like You promised to do!

Seven years ago, it was the day that I reached the 70 years mark since my birth. I was en route to Jerusalem when You spoke these words to me!

Now, again on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 12:58 am? You remind me of Your spoken words to me, is there a reason for the reminder my Father? Speak to my heart, Your child pants to hear Your voice afresh!

“My child, My precious thia/Basilia, I know you! I know your thoughts before you think them! I know your words before you pronounce them! Do you wonder how is it that I know such matter?

Because, My child, you are now One with Me! You are no longer living in your carnal nature as it was before, for I have lifted you up to live the higher life in My Presence!

Before, you were born in the captivity of Satan—under the curse! There you suffered for the 70 years I appointed for your captivity!

My child, before you were born I appointed each one of your days specifically for you! This matter cannot fit into your human mind therefore, this matter troubles you! Why?

Because you are human! As a human being you possess a human mind! Your human mind is always working, always thinking non-stop!

It is your human mind that troubles you not necessarily this matter about your days! No matter what words, what plans, no matter! Your human mind will continue to question everything in the mind of My nature within you!

Even so, under any and all circumstances, the mind of My nature within you shall always prevail over the mind of your carnal nature!

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