Talking Turkey To My Father/Creator. The Former & Present Distractions From Keeping The First & Most Important Of Your Commandments.

You led me back to the record in 1912? How appropriately You lead me exactly to where You wish for me to go and find Your words that apply to this exact moment that I am going through again. I quote,

Friday, December 21, 2012 (6:54 am)
O my Father I do not know what to ask of You! So here I am only to worship and to express my gratitude to You! There is nothing in this world that can satisfy the longings in my soul! My heart pines for You and Your Kingdom where You will satisfy all the longings of our souls! Whatever I do or say goes over everybody’s head without making any contact whatsoever in anyone’s heart! I can tell this by their response to all my attempts to make contact with their hearts for either they do not respond or their response is void of intrinsic value!
One minute there is elation with the hope of a sound response but the very next minute there is only depression and vexation in my heart with their shallow response as I share the most valuable treasure in my heart with them! What an agonizing moment of time this is for this child of Yours my Father and You know it!
Friday, December 21, 2012 (7:34 am)
Father I perceive that You have sent me to the SITE to read the latest entries that You have instructed me to publish to proclaim to all the necessity for all to quit bashing me and to take an account of themselves so You can empower them to repent of their self-righteous lives! And as I read such entries and read the first words that You spoke to me in August of 1985? You brought to my remembrance my tulips dream I dreamed a couple of days ago. Now what am I to do next? What am I to think?
What are Your instructions for me at the present moment? You know that I feel lost and lonely and forsaken by all! And You also know that I know that such are just feelings and not the truth of my present situation because some of my children and friends are with me as much as I allow them to be. So what’s next my Father? Again what am I to think and how am I to overcome these awful and depressive feelings?
“My child, My Son and Messiah to you is at My right hand still suffering as much or even more as you are suffering and I hear His cry interceding for you and all of My children! And as I sent comfort to Him in the Garden so I am sending comfort to you at this moment of time. That’s why I brought to your remembrance My words to you in 1985 and My meaning in the tulips dream that you dreamed a couple of days ago.
“Now, I know that you are depressed because you have no answer yet from your children and you do not understand what I am doing with Peter and with Ahmad. But I also know that you do not dare to question Me any longer and though you do not understand it is in your heart and mind to accept My doings without questioning yet the struggle of My servant Paul in Romans 7 is raging on in your present situation!
“Fear not My child! Fear not! Do not look around you and fear! Remember My written words to Jacob in Isaiah 41:10,
Fear not there is nothing to fear for I am with you. Do not look around you in terror and be dismayed for I am your Master. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties. Yes, I will help you. Yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My victorious right hand of rightness and justice
And no, you are not Jacob nor Israel. But? Jacob is My chosen servant and you are a member of My chosen servant. Therefore, the same words spoken to Jacob apply to you at the present time; and not only to you but to all and each one of My children as I bring them into My fold for good or for eternity as I have brought you and many others!
“Therefore, My child, take courage for I am delighted in the fact that you have accepted the lot that I am dealing to you without questioning. And even when you are doubling over with the painful stabs from the messenger from Satan you still submit to My discretion to allow such messenger to buffet you. So? Continue to pass on these words to whomever I quicken you to pass them on just like you have been doing! And relax & enjoy the peaceful moments of this day. Rejoice & be glad for this is the day that I have made for you!”

Thanks my Father! I have read Romans 7 & Isaiah 41 again and this time those words have taken a hold of my heart big time!
O my Father? I will post this matter in the hope for Your intervention in the mind of whoever You quicken to see this post. May all not only see it but also read it and benefit from its content.
All of Your love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia

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  1. I have been reading your posts and wish to let you know. I read right to what you wrote in December. May God enlighten you more and more to get his message clearly and pass it on.

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