I Like To Laugh. I Talk Fictitiously. People Take Me Seriously. I Have To Cry …

Ordinary people have big TVs extraordinary people have big Libraries

I am Extraordinary. I Do Not Even Own A TV but Library? A BIG ONE full with my volumes of 30 yrs. plus, by the power of love from on High and? YOU ARE WELCOME TO IT! Only few of those volumes now but? More in the future. No kidding. 🙂 Keep checking.

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Thia’s Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 12:40 pm

No kidding ye all? Our Father/Creator has gifted me, among others gifts? Father has gifted me with a good sense of humor to communicate with people on the daily basis. No need to behave stoically and give a wrong impression about our Loving Father who has so bountifully blessed me with such gift.

Anyhow? People that only hears me talk about the serious message that Father has instructed to deliver to His people? Hum! I stump them when I blur out some kind of outlandish fictitious remark to make fun of our carnal ways. I think this happens because of the way we have been programmed to believe—we are programmed to believe in a concept of our Creator that is far from the reality of a Father/Creator who created us in His image.

Well? It looks like stumping good people is second nature to me and? No matter how hard I try to accommodate serious people, I can’t help it but to make fun of them with provocative questions or outlandish remarks. Man! O man! My good sense of humor backfires on me more often than not.

My best stomping gig is my solemn declaration, “We are all stupid!” WHAT? Speak for yourself! I am not stupid! “Ah! Now you tell me! I will make a sign and place it on your forehead to let everybody know such a rare fact. Would you be agreeable to that.?”

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