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Friday, June 3, 2016 at 1:56 pm

I love and I am loved. What more could I ever want for? I thank You my Father for Your love & compassion for the lovely as well as for the unlovely. I thank You for setting me free from a callous uncaring heart only concerned with my own of it all.

I am sensitive & caring only by Your power of love from on high. Because You have chosen to live in my heart? I am what I am and forever will be underneath Your everlasting arms because? You are the One to hold me so.

As I am re-writing the story of my life? I find myself totally objective to that woman that I once was. You have truly done Your loving will within my being.

Dear Readers, I am not desperate but? I am curious. Do you really care to read these writings of mine, but, why am I asking?

Well, I been building websites since the end of 2006 but? It was not until January of 2015 that I discovered blogging. How that happened? Beats me! A miracle is my guess because? I haven’t got the slightest how in January of 2015 the email about Blogging 101 appeared in my inbox. Somehow I was led to join it. I did and? The rest is history!

Yes, I had accomplished much in my site building but? If I remember right around 2012 I was told, “Your site is ancient!” Ancient? My master piece with better than 10000 readers? O come on! That remark pricked my pride though and? I started to investigate how to get up to date in this cybernetic business. 2012? 2013? 2014? Then? 2015 came along with Blogging 101 in its wings. Wow!

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