Who Am I? A New Look At Myself For You, My Friend. Who Am I To You & For You.

For the looks of it? It seems to me that Father is satisfied. The lesson is indelible written in my newly created heart and in the mind of Yahushua within that heart of mine.

Now? The answer to “Who am I?” is clear in my mind. I am a messenger delivering His message not only in this region of the world but also to all of His children scattered in the four corners of the earth. Oh? How can this be? Easy. Through the waves of the Internet?

The blogs created by yours truly carrying such message? Swiftly, Effectively, Victoriously The  Message Travels Through The Waves Of The Net! Destination? The Heart & Mind Of Each One Of You! Such is my hope? A sure thing accordingly to Romans 8.

Thanks for your visit. His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.


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