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Powerfrom onhigh on garden sunraysRev 3

This blog is to promote Power From On High! This blog is not to promote yours truly but, I must write about yours truly because my journey in the Presence of our Father/Creator is what Power From On High! is all about! Thus, allow me to indulge!

Thia’s inside garden to liven up my days as I sit in the Presence of my Loving Father/Creator fulfilling my given task! A sight to behold in this threshold! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah! What do ye know? I express my unique self in my unique working set up among boxes & glass containers that hold greenery continue reading

Announcing Power From On High! New Book To Vibrate In The Waves Of The Internet Post By Post, Chapter By Chapter….

Power to live
Power to die
As the Master wills!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 3:29 am
Father! At last I can exclaim, Hurrah! Hurrah! I have closed Power From On High! Closed? Ended? Finished it? Well, well, well! Is there an end to the many ways that one can express a matter? Hardly!
In fact, yours truly is crazy enough to take advantage of as many ways to express myself as ways there are! Crazy? Indeed! But that is what makes my writing style if nothing else a unique style! Effective? That’s the big question!
Is there an answer for my big continue reading