The Ordeal Of The Last Few Days? Gruesome!

Tried, Smelted, And Refined In The Furnace Of Affliction This Time. Simply Painful …

  • Wasted My Life Harboring Resentments. Cleansing It All From My Mind And Soul. Simply Painful …
  • Thriving I Am Both My Spiritual Life And The Coughing And Sneezing! Hahaha! HaleluYah! …
  • That’s This World’s Reality—A Hype!

The Results Of The Whole Ordeal? In The Colors Of This Arrangement:

Colors Meaning Summary

  • Green combination of blue peace and yellow grace.
  • Green stands for fruitful intimacy with Yahushua.
  • Neon green electric—blue peace and electric yellow: grace combine to electrify and empower us with his ability to become intimate and fruitful for continue reading