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The Family A True Story My Story

The story comes to life in a series of books to be published under the title, The Family A True Story:

Volume 1-My life was in Shambles. Theodora’s life—a 3rd person narrative to begin to tell my story

Volume 2- LOVE –The End Of The Matter. The Power Of Love …Beginning of New Life …2017

Volume 3- We were a Family. A Dysfunctional one, but! A Loving Family we were. We still are …

Volume 4- It began with Don Miguel–A recap from childhood until the present.

Object of the Story?

Post by post the story comes to life. My life is a mirror in the hands of the Creator to show us including myself, our reflection in His eyes. Wow! I never saw it like that until I read that response to one of my posts.

My mission?


My commission?

To journal my life for a witness of our Creator’s love and faithfulness for us.

The original intent for our creation?

To be loved.

To love.

Your Cherished Family O Mighty One? Forever to be!

This world shall blow up.

Greatest explosion of them all! NO KIDDING! How shall it happen? I don’t know, but! It will happen.

My Sacred Goal?

Not A Message Of Doom. Instead? A Message Of Hope Wisdom To Prepare …?

Dear Reader, let’s not continue with our skepticism about the end of the world—about the end of this earth as it is now.

Indeed! This World Shall Blow Up, But?

But the power of love & wisdom from the Creator of our beings! It is not His will that any should perish. Thus?

The Almighty Creator of all there is in existence visible and invisible? Has a plan to restore us to the original intent for our creation.

He created us to be loved; to love, His cherished loving family for us ever to be. Furthermore?

His plan of restoration extends to His entire creation. It’s all recorded in the pages of the ancient Scriptures now known as the Bible.

It’s not news, most civilized person in this world know about the Bible. Plus?

There is a multitude of ‘Bible scholars’ who have interpreted and analyzed and come up with their own versions of such a Sacred Book, but!

The Only Thing The Civilized Human Being Has Managed To Do with that Book?

Make a mess of confusion about such simple matters as the ways of the Almighty are.


There is only ONE and ONE ONLY with the power to give life to the words written in that Book. His name is in Hebrew. I should not be transliterated but it is done so.

My Task?

I am compelled by the power of love from on high.

  • To write, publish, and optimize. The Creator is doing the rest.
  • To entice all families in this insanity ridden world to look up to the Infinite love of our Father/Creator—Almighty Yahuwah/Yahushua.
  • This time? The goal shall culminate in the blissful future of His Kingdom come down to earth as it is in heaven.
  • For sure! No dream of mine. That’s the Almighty’s Creator of our beings unchangeable and eternal LAW. The Messiah Came to Fulfill the Law….So it’s written. What is written by the Creator? No man or devil can change! Thank Goodness!

One reason I work day and night to fulfill my given task. Click the button to go to the blog to read the recent and previous posts.


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